Cult Melbourne Bar Bombay Rock Has Abruptly Closed Down With No Warning

Despite only being re-open for just over a year, the popular inner-Melbourne music venue Bombay Rock has closed its doors for good this morning, with little apparent notice to punters or staff.

The Brunswick bar announced its sudden closure on social media a short time ago, confirming the bar was closed “effective immediately.” Several booked gigs are said to have been left in the lurch as a result of the closure.

The popular rock and punk venue had only re-opened under the Bombay Rock banner in mid-2018, after its initial incarnation was scuttled by a fire that occurred back in 1991.

The original venue opened in the 70s and played host to the likes of INXS, Cold Chisel, and The Angels throughout the years.

There’s no suggestion as to what has caused the abrupt closure, and management appear to be keeping their cards close to their chest on the issue.

Bombay Rock had been hosting punters and gigs as late as this past weekend, and the outpouring of emotion on social media in the wake of the announcement has been large.

Prior to Bombay Rock’s reopening in 2018, the site had been operating as the Beach Nightclub for a number of years.

No word on why the bar was forced to close so abruptly was available at the time of writing.