Charli XCX & Troye Sivan Make Club Music For Horny Aliens With Newie ‘2099’

Charli XCX and Troye Sivan have finally returned for a sequel to their hit bop 1999, and it’s everything the original track isn’t: snarling, amorphous, and every bit as forward-thinking as its name suggests.

[jwplayer uRlMbYTh]

2099, the latest tune released ahead of Charli’s eponymous new LP, shows the British pop genius and her Australian counterpart riffing on Pluto, Neptune, the future, and jet-skis. It’s fun.

It’s also weird. With production courtesy of Pop 2 collaborator A.G. Cook and Ö, aka Nömak, the song is an auditory rebuke of 1999‘s nostalgic optimism. If Natalie Portman‘s mirror-self in Annihilation was in the club at 3am, it’d probably ignore me while cutting illogical shapes to 2099.

Charli drops on September 13, and may just serve as a template for whatever trans-auditory music ‘humans’ ingest at the turn of the next century.