Hell Yeah, Charli XCX’s New Year Resolutions Include Releasing A New Album

Look, we’re three days into 2019 and it’s already going gangbusters in terms of music. Coachella‘s currently being drip-fed online,  and Charli XCX has finally teased that she might just drop another album this year, but she’s yet to make it.

[jwplayer oTLxnTkI]

Much like the rest of us, Charli jumped on her Twitter to put up her New Years resolutions which held two things:

  1. Make album.
  2. Release album.

I mean those resolutions completely outshine my feeble attempts of ‘go to the gym more’ and ‘stop ordering so much takeout, for Christ’s sake’ and we can only hope that Charli actually sticks to her resolutions, unlike the rest of us (don’t deny it.)

The album will likely be the next extended release after 2017’s Number 1 Angel and Popmixtapes, where Charli XCX went hard in the paint on PC/computer music thanks to solid collabs with producers like SOPHIE and PC Music (the record label) founder, A.G. Cook. It’s chaotic, abrasive and high-energy, and exactly the kind of pop that we deserve in 2019.

Between those mixtapes and now, Charli XCX has turned pop music on its head with ‘1999‘ featuring our own Troye Sivan, and challenged the male gaze with ‘Boys‘, producing one of the best music clips which Charli XCX told PEDESTRIAN.TV took “three months and a lot of money” to put together.

We’ll definitely keep you updated on Charli XCX’s new offering to everyones’ eardrums as more comes out, but until then just sit back and enjoy the best clip of 2017/ever. Ya welcome.