Charli XCX Is Dropping Her Quarantine Album Tomorrow So Grab A Charli™ Wig To Celebrate

Months in self-isolation and quarantine are finally bearing fruit because Charli XCX is dropping a whole-ass album for us to boogie to (responsibly) in our own lockdown over here on the other side of the world. We are not worthy of this talent, people.

Unleashing the album art and tracklist over on her Twitter, Charli revealed more about How I’m Feeling Now, the album she’s made entirely in iso, including a range of merch and behind the scenes of her home-video film clips.

She’s assured us all that, after teasing the track all those years ago in Japan, she’s finally put ‘party4u‘ on a record. It’s been three whole years, already scrapped once from the Pop 2 tracklist, but it’s FINALLY happening.

Charli XCX also penned a note to her fans – a bunch of whom can now consider themselves collaborators – about the whole process, and how she enjoyed making the whole album and sharing the experience with Charli fans. She’s confirmed that the album will have an accompanying book, which will explore all the art and creativity that friends and fans have sent her during the quarantine album creation.

She also shared a couple of pages as a little sneak peek, which look and read like every teen diary I think I’ve ever attempted to keep. She also confirmed that all proceeds from sales of the book and the album’s merch will go to the LA Alliance, who help support the homeless community in Los Angeles.

Speaking of merch, Charli XCX is also selling her iconic dip-dyed bob in wig form online, after it was spotted for sale at her shows in late 2019. So if you need a new wig to get entirely snatched from literally everything that Charli XCX does, please consider getting your own Charli XCX™ wig for any and all future parties and ragers.

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And Charli, if you’re reading this, you should send me one, thank you.