Charli XCX Serving Looks In Front Of A Burning Sports Car For Latest Vid Is Gay Rights

charli xcx white mercedes video

Charli XCX may have single-handedly ended homophobia by holding up a bottle of poppers and yelling ‘gay rights’, but now the Queen of Leather Cleaner™ has invented car insurance.

“White Mercedes”, the latest visual from her third studio album, begins with Charli in the driver’s sear of a car dangling mid-air via a crane. The following shots then capture Charli looking admiraby composed amidst a concoction of destruction, fireworks and burning.

Well, kind of composed…

No white Mercedes were actually present in the video – Charlie, a queen of reading the room, knew that the gays would have no idea.

“the fact that [these] cars aren’t even mercedes… we stan a queen who knows her audience. she knew the gays wouldn’t notice,” YouTube user @rodrigo commented.

I’m screaming at how true this is – you could have told me that was a white Mercedes and I would’ve been like, ‘oh, yep, cool, love that’.

The revelation of no white Mercedes being present has evidently given rise to a number of great comments from fellow Charli stans.

“No Mercedes were harmed in the making of this video,” commented user @CaseyFordAlexander.

“Manager : How many white mercedes do you want ? Charli : No” @PascalinneDominique added.

Her pink number paired with those knee-high black stompers surely pays homage to her grungy True Romance days, right?

The final frame – Charli standing in front of a burning SUV while looking unapologetically fierce – is me after crashing my car on the way to get my iced coffee.

Check out the video below. Stream Charli for clear skin and improved grades.