Charli XCX Single-Handedly Ends Homophobia By Holding Up Poppers & Yelling “Gay Rights”

Charli XCX walked so the gays could run. Don’t believe me? Check out these snaps shared by Twitter user @acapreseplease in which Queen C blessed his glorious bottle of amyl nitrite at a signing for her new album, Charli. Iconic, honestly.

[jwplayer Noml1oK9]

Following this, Twitter user @BobbysByline shared footage of Charli holding up the poppers and yelling “gay rights”. She’s not wrong.

The video, which has already amassed over 300k views, belongs in the Louvre.

“charli xcx threw the first bottle of poppers at stonewall”, @NannyMcSte commented under the video.

“having a charli xcx listening party tonight and it’s BYOP (bring your own poppers),” @youremymylover added.

This isn’t the time we’ve seen Charli and poppers in the same sentence. In fact, the affinity’s been there for quite some time.

In May, she jokingly teased about creating her own line of poppers.

Additionally, in an OG verse for “Click” that didn’t make the final cut, Charli referenced her fan’s relationship with the goods: “My fans like pop music and poppers / Guess they really know what’s up.”

Urgh, we stan a queen who can read the room.

Anyway, stream Charli. The bottoms of the world insist.