Charli XCX Posts Gaping Hole Emojis In New Album Teaser & Stans Have Declared Bottom’s Rights

Charli XCX has alluded to the imminent arrival of a new album after wiping her Instagram and posting a series of hole emojis. Speaking of holes, the fanbase has declared this quarantine project an era for bottoms.

This makes sense, considering that Charli invented bottoming. Here’s a quick diagram that I whipped up to further my point:

It’s true if it’s in a diagram. Facts are facts.

Charli completely wiped her Instagram yesterday, leaving her 3.6 million followers on the edge of their damn seats.

The now-infamous series of hole emojis then began popping up everywhere, with punters subsequently believing this signals the birth of a quarantine album.

It wasn’t long (roughly 0.237723) before stans began forming a connection between the orifice-resembling emoji and another, more-pleasurable orifice.

“WE ARE ONLY HOLES.” I just spat out my oxygen.

Last week, Charli flexed her DJing prowess during an Instagram live session with Grindr, which included Gaga’s “Stupid Love”. That is the gayest sentence I’ve ever written. And I love that for us.

Here’s to a new Charli XCX album. And to bottoming.