Dig Out Your Butterfly Clips, The Charli XCX ‘1999’ Clip Is 100% Nostalgia

Charli XCX and her pal Troye Sivan dive deep into millenial nostalgia with the clip for ‘1999‘ – despite the fact Charli was aged seven at the time, and Sivan was only four. But fuck it, just because you’re young doesn’t mean you don’t remember the joys of instant messaging, dial-up modems, bulky Nokia phones, the original Sims, and the threat of Y2K.

The new clip – while no ‘Boys‘ – is a pretty much perfect ape of every video clip and important film from 1999, from that scene in Titanic to the iconic American Beauty dream sequence and the Matrix bullet dodging, from the Backstreet Boys to Eminem to the noodle hair of Justin Timberlake in *NSYNC.

I did not know that my Friday needed Charli XCX dressed as late ’90s Steve Jobs until this exact moment. But it really is the perfect pre-weekend bop, and a good way to prove that you are with ‘it’, ‘it’ being our generation’s sense of collective nostalgia. Of course talking incessantly about ‘…Baby One More Time‘ and how TLC and the Spice Girls‘ inspired your current feminist streak will make you heaps of new work friends!

Everything from their facial expressions to the sets are perfect imitations of the originals – now it’s your turn to try to figure out if you recognise every single reference, and to get stuck in a YouTube K-hole as you rewatch all the originals. You’re welcome.