South African-Aussie muso Troye Sivan has called out an interviewer online after they asked him if he preferred “top or bottom”.

LGBT magazine Express had interviewed Sivan ahead of his September show in New Zealand. The interview included a slew of questions about his favourite TV series, his acting role in Boy Erased, and his relationship like whether or not his boyfriend of three and a half years, Jacob Bixenman, would give him a hall pass for his celebrity crush Shawn Mendes. Sivan answered no.

It wrapped with a number of “quickfire questions” including “Do you like Trump?”, “Ariana or Taylor”, and “Top or Bottom?” Sivan said he was “definitely passing” on that last one.

After the interview went to print fans were quick to shit on it.

“Who’s this interviewer the bar is on the floor,” one Twitter user wrote with a screenshot of the interview.

Sivan reposted the tweet, adding:

“I thought about asking the interviewer about his absolute fave sex position after that last question, but then I remembered how wildly invasive, strange, and inappropriate that would be. Didn’t stop him though!”

“Next time I’ll just do a Twitter q&a,” he added in a separate tweet.

A heap of fans agreed the interview was inappropriate with one user pointing out that “at least 50 per cent of these questions were connected to sex.”

Another Kiwi magazine, Coup De Main, apologised “from the entirety of New Zealand minus this person who we are now petitioning to be removed from our country.”

Sivan’s not holding it against the country though.

The artist will be touring Australia from September 16 with shows in Perth, Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne.

Image: Getty Images / Mauricio Santana