Cardi B Telling Jimmy Fallon What ‘Up & Stuck’ Means Will Make You Clench Your Ass Cheeks

Cardi B

Cardi B saved 2020 (with Megan Thee Stallion of course) thanks to her banging tune WAP, and we all knew exactly what those lyrics meant thanks to the gals repeating them 100 times throughout the song. Cardi’s back with a new chart-topper called Up, but the lyrics to that aren’t quite so self-explanatory.

The rapper took to The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon to explain the delicate nuances behind her latest song’s chorus — which goes “if it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s stuck” — telling the TV host:

“So, have you ever taken a poop right? And it don’t come out? And it’s just up and it’s stuck.”

Jimmy Fallon‘s reaction to the deeper meaning behind Up truly is one for the ages. The man has no words. None. It’s like he doesn’t even hear her, he’s just like “Ok”. Then after a few more excruciating seconds, he’s like “Wow”.

He then goes on to say “You can take from it whatever you want, you know. There’s other ways to look at it, I guess.” Cardi B says “Yeah…” but you can tell she’s just like nah, doll. This entire song is about being completely constipated. Check out the entire deeply awkward interaction below:

Earlier in the interview, Cardi B says that she actually got the phrase from her on-again off-again husband Offset who according to Cardi, says the unusual phrase “all the time”. It’s probably not great if he’s saying that a lot, to be honest. Someone get that poor man some Metamucil.

For what it’s worth, aside from thinly-veiled references to being backed up, the completely nuts and bonkers Up video features a cheeky cameo from an Australian sex toy brand Vush, with a Majesty 2 vibrator co-starring with Cardi in the clip. Such a vibe.