Cardi B Confirmed She’s Back Together With Offset ‘Coz ‘It’s Really Hard To Have No Dick’

cardi b

Cardi B has just confirmed that she’s back together with Offset and can somebody please grab a bucket and a mop for my tears?

The notoriously on again, off again couple are, in fact, on again, with Cardi confirming the news on an Instagram live.

“It’s hard not to talk to your best friend. It’s really hard not to talk to your best friend,” she explained. “And it’s really hard to have no dick.”

Honestly, I *do* really feel for Cardi. She’s just out here trying to navigate a relationship with a man she obviously loves and cares about (AND has a kid with), and it must just be so much harder to do so in the public eye.

Even Cardi herself added that although the relationship is just as “dysfunctional” as any other relationship, it just seems a little more crazy because it’s “more public.”

The news comes a month after Cardi filed for divorce, citing that the relationship was “irretrievably broken” with “no prospects for a reconciliation.” But it appears they might’ve been able to reconcile and honestly, I just want Cardi to be happy.

It’s not exactly shocking that the pair are back together, after being spotted together at Cardi’s 28th birthday last week, where Offset gifted her a Rolls Royce.

As you’d expect, many have speculated that she only took him back because of the gift, but let’s be real here, Cardi is rich enough to buy her own damn Rolls Royce, if she really wanted one. Obviously, we don’t know the intimate details of the relationship, but it really just seems like Cardi loves this man and is trying to make things work however she can.

Just after the party, a source close to the couple told E! that Cardi and Offset weren’t officially back together, but it was “only a matter of time.” And it looks like that source was correct.

“She loves the attention from him,” the insider said. “He’s trying really hard to win her back.”

It’s unclear if they’re on again for good, but they’re definitely at least entertaining the idea of being back together. As long as Cardi is happy, I’m happy.