Cardi B’s New Video Clip Features An Aussie Sex Toy Brand & I’m Self-Rooting For ’Em

cardi b aussie sex toy vush

Cardi B has come in swinging into 2021 with a brand new track, Up, backing up her massive WAP-heavy year last year. As is to be expected with any Cardi Content™, the video clip is fucking bonkers good, and there’s a cheeky little Aussie nod in there that you might have missed.

First of all let’s take a moment to revel in the visual gloriousness that is the clip to Up, because it’s a LOT.

We’ve got Cardi as a hood ornament on a luxury car, Cardi as a sexy grieving widow in a cemetery (???), we’ve got Cardi with a wig full of Barbie doll heads who can talk, Cardi as the pearl of an oyster tonguing two other women at once, Cardi in a Madonna-esque cone-shaped bra and what looks like tabi-toed boots, Cardi pretty much entirely nude on a glass table (with a nude bloke on all fours under it) surrounded by gold champagne bottles.

Hell of a mood here. HELL of a mood.

But in amongst all the delights for the eyeballs, there’s a good six seconds of very obvious product placement of a sex toy by Vush. Not like, a little flash of a toy on a bedside table, or a background shot – a full, in-focus shot of Cardi holding the toy into the camera. God, that must have cost ’em a pretty penny.

And if you know your toys, you’ll know that Vush is an Australian-owned company that’s been around for a hot minute, and has already got endorsements from Abbie Chatfield, and now Ms. Wet Ass Pussy herself.

Love that for us, as a whole-ass country.

cardi b aussie sex toy vush[Image: YouTube / Cardi B]

If you’re not around Vush, it’s an Aussie-based company that’s jumped on the clit stimulation train – using the same air/vacuum technology as the Womanizer and Satisfyer toys. The vibe featured in the new Cardi clip is the brand’s new vibrator, Majesty 2, which is up for preorder at the moment and will set you back $150.

I dunno what it is, but every time something Australian gets recognised by people from outside Aus – especially celebrities as A-List as Cardi – I honestly can’t help but turn into Leo DiCaprio in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. You know the one.

leo dicaprio cardi bIT ME.

So there you go, a bitta bloody cute trivia for your Friday afternoon. And because it’s very much a steamy Friday afternoon, let’s just watch the video clip again, hey? Because it’s just THAT good as a whole. I love it.

Ahh, issa vibe.