The OG Bunnings Jingle Demo Has Been Hiding On Soundcloud For Years And We Missed It By 10%

Bunnings Warehouse Original Demo Theme Song

The man responsible for the iconic Bunnings anthem has finally been found, but it looks like his son actually posted the original demo online two years ago. It officially slaps.

Going by the Soundcloud username ‘galah1’, Trevor Hilton‘s son shared the absolute banger of a track to Soundcloud with the caption “Here’s some proof I guess.”

This is in reference to a pretty funny Reddit thread he made two years ago called “Today I found out my dad made the bunnings warehouse theme song!”

In the thread he writes, “here’s some of the old stuff he made for them,” linking to this pretty sweet demo track.

Truly this is all the proof we could ever even ask for, because this jingle just hits different. Sure there’s no topping the tune that we’ve all come to love, but there’s just a certain je ne sais quoi about its demo counterpart. A certain spice.

In case you missed it, ABC advertising show Gruen tracked down Hilton to his home in Busselton, two hours south of Perth, where old mate rerecorded the legendary jingle for the program.

The man is essentially a living legend and revealed to us that he still gets all the royalties for the track. As he should though, the king deserves his crown.

To us, the track is an incredibly iconic piece of culture, but apparently, it all began on “a nice, sunny afternoon in January 1995.”

“For me it was just another day at the office, jingling away on this very keyboard, with this very floppy disk,” he says on Gruen.

Galah1 also did not hesitate to spill as much tea about his father as he could in the comment section of the Reddit thread.

According to Hilton’s son, “in 1991 they commissioned him to make the, as he puts it, ‘soul version’ and it was updated in 1995.”

He also reveals that the woman (in the 1995 version of the song) that says “Bunnings Warehouse!” at the end of the track is a legend named Stephanie Tornatova.

If you need me I’ll be jamming to the Bunnings Warehouse demo tapes on my green iPod Nano.