Gruen Tracked Down The Guy Who Wrote The Bunnings Song & He’s Everything We Could’ve Hoped For

Not sure what I expected the dude who wrote the Bunnings theme song to look like, but I can’t say I’m surprised either. The only thing missing is his CROWN.

Advertising show Gruen has gone and tracked down the man responsible for perhaps the most famous TV commercial tune in Australia: one Trevor Hilton, of Bunnings Warehouse fame, in perpetuity.

According to the show, he still walks around his local Bunnings whistling the tune 25 years later (he still gets royalties, too).

“Yes, I wrote that jingle,” Hilton said, staring straight at the camera, fully aware that this day would eventually come.

Hit it, Trevor:

Hilton explained that he wrote it “on a nice, sunny afternoon in January 1995.”

“For me it was just another day at the office, jingling away on this very keyboard, with this very floppy disk.”

Little did he know he was sitting on what was to become one of the most recognisable – and, dare I say, beloved – melodies this country has ever known.

Hilton’s now living in Busselton, two hours south of Perth, where he continues to work as a freelance audio engineer and composer.

In case you were wondering, the man’s still got it, too.

Just like the blokes and sheilas down at Bunnings know their way about a bit of timber decking, so too does Hinton know his way around a Casio.

Despite orchestrating (pun intended) Bunnings’ ploy to become a household name, Gruen host Wil Anderson joked that Hilton is in fact “the only Bunnings staffer to have never appeared on camera… until now.”

Give the man a Bunnings snag for his efforts, and maybe some free time in the craft area, too.

If you’re keen to know more (who wouldn’t be, tbh) you can catch the full episode here.

Now, let’s track down whoever came up with the lyrics for the Reading Writing Hotline.