Bunnings Has Released A Teeny Toy Block Truck For You To Put Itty Bitty Seedlings In (Probably)


Bunnings Warehouse has jumped on the collectibles bandwagon and announced its own range of Lego-styled toys, which children (or adults, most likely adults) can hastily collect. The hardware giant has kicked it all off with an itty bitty block truck, so start your engines.

The Block Truck is yours for $10, and is one of five limited-edition collectibles.

Bunnings will release a new toy every month until May, so keep your eyes peeled for more announcements. The little truck is available in-store and online right now.

The truck consists of 117 pieces, which can be combined with most other brands. In other words, you can vroom vroom your lil’ truck over to Legoland if you want.

Ain’t it cute.

Bunnings Block Truck / Bunnings Warehouse.

The blocks come complete with instructions and a sticker sheet, so you know exactly where everything goes. As an aside, I am extremely in love with the mini Bunnings Warehouse logo.

Anyway, here’s the best bit of the new collectibles range: they totally go with the Block Warehouse set Bunnings brought back to shelves for Christmas last year. I mean, they’re actual add-ons for the toy warehouse, so you can operate your own little Bunnings Warehouse from home.

The 168-piece warehouse is basically a scaled down model of the real thing, and will set you back $30. Check it out here.

Next up? A Bunnings block snag, surely.