A Surprise Brad Pitt Popped Up At Kanye’s Sunday Service This Weekend

Brad Pitt and Kanye West at Sunday Service.
Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

As far as I understand it, famous actors only ever do two things: sit in trailers on film sets, and swan about between various shows and parties, mingling with their fellow celebrities and talking about how cool it is to be a celebrity. Brad Pitt randomly popping up at a Sunday Service to casually have a catch up with Kanye West does not do anything to dispel this assumption that I have.

[jwplayer SjpPQkzx]

Sunday Service this weekend took place in the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Watts, with Kim Kardashian uploading videos of Pitt and Kanye having a chat either after or before the show:


By all accounts, it looks like it was a hot, hot banger of a time:


Last month, West performed an open Sunday Service in Dayton Ohio in a show of solidarity after the shooting that took place earlier in the month.