Boil The Fucken’ Kettle: Here’s All The Tea About Brad Pitt’s Married 27 Y.O. Girlfriend

Many of our current interests have been observed since time began. There’s astrology, baking bread and the love life of one Brad Pitt.

The actor’s romantic conquests have dominated headlines for decades upon decades and we’re still extremely fascinated by who he hangs with.

Is it because he’s only getting more and more heavenly with age? Perhaps. Is it because his lovers are always famous peeps? Maybe. Or is it because we’re plainly seething with envy for these women? Yeah, that’s probably it.

Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston

Brad and Jen. The never-ending saga that we’ll never stop obsessing over. (Credit: Getty)

But anyway, I digress.

Brad’s latest gal pal is an extremely fascinating woman by the name of Nicole Poturalski. The gorgeous gal has become the talk of tinseltown, which was bound to happen when she started dating the highly sought-after actor.

Since news first broke, punters have been flexing their detective muscles to gather as much intel about Nicole as they could.

Here’s what we’ve learned about her so far: she’s 27, she’s a German model, and, the most recent revelation, she’s reportedly in an open marriage with her 68-year-old husband, restaurateur Roland Mary.

They’ve reportedly been married for eight years and have a young son together.

But get this, Pitt, who is aged 56, is rumoured to have met his new romantic interest at a restaurant owned by her hubby in Berlin last year, while he was promoting his flick Once Upon A Time In Hollywood.

The model then flew to Los Angeles to see him again (I mean, you would), and the pair were spotted together at a Kanye West concert in November 2019.

Many media outlets have claimed that Poutralski is a “lookalike” of Pitt’s ex-wife Angelina Jolie.

Let’s observe:

Angelina Jolie

Hm. Yeah, I kinda see it.

Oh, speaking of which, the happy couple recently had a lil rendezvous at his Châteaux in the south of France where, BTW, he once got hitched to Angelina. Awks…

A less disturbing, but equally intriguing, revelation, is that on his way home from their time away, Brad was spotted wearing a pink hat, not too dissimilar to the one that the model has used in recent Instagram pics, which some have viewed as a nod to his new lover.

Yep, I’m as baffled and bizarrely fascinated as you are.