Destiny’s Child & Solange Just Joined Beyoncé On Stage & Everyone’s Crying

In case ya missed it Beyoncé’s just casually changing lives over in California at Coachella 2018. For those currently suffering shitty internet and did not just catch those last few minutes of her performance, Beyoncé just done did end everything by blessing us with a Destiny’s Child reunion.

And of course Say My Name happened and where do you even look when Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland suddenly appear. Oh and then Solange came next and the sisters danced and before you could even catch your breath – Single Ladies. 

Before all of this glory, Jay-Z appeared and the couple did Déjà Vu which was followed by Queen Bey’s feminist anthem – Run The World.

Of course, #beychella is trending on Twitter right now.

When it came to her last song, Bey said a few words and people most definitely cried.

“I just wanted to say thank you guys, I’m so happy that I’m here. I was supposed to perform at Coachella before but I ended up getting pregnant – thank God – so I had time to dream and dream with two beautiful souls in my belly and I dreamt up this perfect performance and this is everything and more than I dreamt and thank you guys for sharing this with me. I hope y’all enjoyed the show, we all worked very hard, I love seeing your familiar faces, thank you to everyone at home for staying up at home, and thank you to Coachella for having me. I want to sing this last song for all my incredible fans, loyal fans, I love y’all.”

Then she sung Love On Top. 

Too much.

But let’s not forget the entire marching band on the bleachers and the brilliant dancers by her side. Incredible work, incredible performance, just incredible.


Oh, and while Bey sung Drunk in Love, she was strapped to this extended platform-kind-of-thing so she could gracefully float above the crowds. Crowds who were blessed by her mystifying drops of sweat. Streaming this particular song-performance was life-altering, I genuinely can’t imagine it live.

Also, let’s appreciate her looks for the night.

Twitter could be wrong but word around the block is Balmain are responsible for this look.

After a little intermission halfway through her performance – and by intermission I mean a fucking amazing performance by the dancers and musicians – Bey appeared in this new outfit.

ALSO, when singing Sorry Queen Bey said, “Ladies are we smart, are we strong? Have we had enough? Show ’em.” Then she broke into song and I fainted. She also performed Baby Boy and nobody was ready.

Tomorrow there’s Eminem, ODESZA, Portugal. The Man, Cardi B, Vance Joy, Lany, LION BABE, Gabe Real just to name a few.