Netflix Teased A Beyoncé Doco & Oh My God Let It Be The Coachella Set

Look I don’t mean to alarm you first thing in the morning, but Netflix has teased the hell out of a Beyoncé special, and quick-thinking members of the Beyhive think that it’s going to be her iconic Coachella set from 2018. Could it be true? Is Beychella coming right to our screens?

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The US arm of Netflix tweeted out a single, bright yellow frame with “HOMECOMING” pasted up in Greek lettering – similar to the stylizing of American sororities and fraternities, and reminiscent of the college-style hoodies that Bey and her backup dancers were sporting during the huuuuuge sets at the festival in 2018.

With a date of April 17 for the US, I assume, there’s not much more info out there about whether this will be a global drop akin to Taylor Swift‘s Reputation concert movie. So keep your eyes peeled on your Netflix account when April 17 rolls around, which is also smack-bang between Coachella’s weekender festivals this year. Coincidence? I think NOT.

Understandably, the online Beyhive has gone into full meltdown.

‘Homecoming’ is also the name of a BeyGOOD initiative; a scholars awards program that was launched days after her Coachella set, where one student from four Historically Black Colleges was awarded around $35,000AUD for studies in various fields.

Maybe it’s going to be a documentary where Beyoncé goes and hand-delivers novelty-sized cheques to the winners. Maybe it’s a perfectly-filmed live concert movie of the Coachella set, including every one of her 400 costume changes. Maybe it’s a behind-the-scenes doco on how she managed to wrangle Destiny’s Child back together for the back-t0-back weekender sets.

No matter what it is, it’s going to be great. It’s Beyoncé. How can it not be great?

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be carving out my butt groove on the couch and praying to the goddesses that this Beyoncé treat lands on Aussie Netflix on April 17.