Beni Single’s World Tour Wrap Up

The wrap up!!

sorry for my delay I got kidnapped by the dark lord of the sick and was travelling through time.

So I get to London after playing pisa in italy, I’m staying with angus and daimon from sneaky sound system, angus takes me to a caribean restaurant for dinner somehow we drank about 8 margaretta each pow!!!!!!!!!
The 2 days before the kitsune;’ maison tour are similar!! shopping with kim (dark lord of the sick) and angus eating and drinking and being cold!!!

The first show was in brighton, I played there last year at a party called blah blah blah with biy 8 bit, so I knew a couple of guys there.

I get picked up in the tour van I was sharing with hearts revolution

as you can see there was beer on it and a dvd player!!

We drive the 2 or so hours to brighton and get to the venue,I was playing early but it was still packed,

did an interview played my set saw my friends and was off back to London for the after party!!!

blah blah blah!!!

sneaky just played there sold out show at koko in london so al our friends are back at the house
the next day is the big kitsune party at heaven in London, heaven is this big gay club that just got re vamped it holds about 4000 people and was sold out!!

I go meet kim and jence from digitaliam, isi has a ear infection so couldn’t make the show! We go to pizza express then to kims room at saint martins lane before the show.

Pre drinks with Jence candles and sunglasses?

We got o the club its it’s crazy busy! Jence and I are playing the main room and its packed gildas and masaya are playing when we get there and they are playing the Etienne mix of my love sees you, so I know that track will be played at least twice tonight!

Photo shoot off! With gildas from kitsune’

There were so many strobes lights and smoke machines I couldn’t take any proper photos from the stage!!!

They all look like this!!!!!!

Jence plays at 1am then I play 3am its great!! So so busy great crowd and fun!

Back again to kims room!!! Then the next day its off to Birmingham,

For some reason we had to buy out own rider!! At this shitty venue in birminghan, run by retards!

Just before I got on stage I get locked in the dressing room the door handle snapped off and I couldn’t get out!! I was locked in the backstage room and with punks jump up and we were all trying to kick the door open but to no avail the band playing before me was off stage and I couldn’t get on stage then!!!!

Boom!!!!!! prince terrence hearts revolution drummer kicks the mother fucker open!!

Prince terrence

I get on stage and play and the night starts to get weirder the promoters decide they cant pay us all our money on the night but with bands tour buses sound guys etc we need the money to pay for everything, all of a sudden shit starts getting broken, there is smased light globes, smashed bottles so we get out of there,
I am so mother fucking hungry I find a kebab shop/nightclub playing r and b people are dancing to beyonce while eating kebabs!!

Its about 5 am im walking back to my hotel and I get lost and it starts to snow!
I was one cold midget mother fucker!!
I finally find my hotel and walk in the door bed sleep boom!

The next day is a 4 hour drive to Bournemouth we stop on the way for a proper English pub lunch.

caption: our driver dave at lunch on the way to bournemouth

Bournemouth is a strange place its where time began, where the trolls decided to colonies with the apes.
The guy that owns the bar we played at is the guy that invented the computer game worms,….

It’s a Sunday night a but quite in a small town but fun none the less, we finish drive back to London and I get back at 6am, fall asleep for 12 hours eat some food and sleep again.

The next 3 days are spent in nottinghill working reading sleeping in my hotel.

caption: hotel time sketching out remix for etiene de crecy.

The next day I’m in HMV, near notting hill, pretty much a nothing suburb, and my agent calls me he asked what I’ve been poing the last couple of days and I ell him ive been working on the Etienne de crecy remix. And this kids looks around at me it’s Xavier from justice!!

So!! Three days rested nd ready for leeds!

The traffic out of London is hideous so we are 3 hours late for sound check we finally get there and one of the kids from hearts revolution jumps out of te van with the key to open the boot and snaps the key in there!!!

With all the bands gear and my cd wallet!!!

We cal four locksmiths and no one can fix it at this time of night!

Caption: dave the driver trying to open the boot minus 2 c

the promoters are trying to cancel the show because I have no cd;s and hearts revolution cant play, so I decide to play off ableton there is nothing else I can do.

Caption: david from punks jump up and a munted kid in leeds!

It was a pretty quite show, but tomorrow night we re playing the carling academy in Liverpool with late of the pier and 2manydjs!!

It’s only a 2 hour dive so we are at the venue about 6pm, so there is about 5-6 hours sitting in the dressing room walking around Liverpool but itrs so fucking cold you can only stand outside for 5 sec a little bit of gambling with autokratz

Caption: russel from autokratz

The carling academy is massive janis Joplin has played there, the strokes, mark ronson, lee perry everyone!

Pity im on at the same time as late if the pier in another room!

1 hour into my set it gets busy and the last hour is good!

I go down stairs and dave and steph from soulwax are waiting for me in my dressing room, we hang out for a bit but I have to leave to drive to Manchester to fly to Dublin first thing in the morning!!!

Of course the flight is delayed!

We eventually get to dublein and it’s the last show but I am exhausted so the afternoon is spent watching old james bond movies In the hotel room, then we all go out for dinner before the show, giood food tehn to the club it was great show, everyone played really well and it was packed!!

and it’s over!!! We go to an after part for about an hour, then get a taxi back to the hotel, all night dave and joe from punks jump up prince terrence and myself were calling each other ‘motherfucker’

so after a few drinks I accidental called the Jamaican taxi driver mother fucker,

He didn’t like it that ‘who the fuck are you calling mother fucker mother fucker!!!!!!

Luckily I talked my way out of that one so I could come home alive and in one piece!!!!

Heathrow train to terminal 4 to home!!

lots of these!!!

lots of these

lots of these!!

And its over!!

Thanks to everyone at kitsune, magic and medicine, punks jump up, gildas and masaya, digitalism, autokratz, hearts revolution, dave the driver and everyone that came to see the shows!!!