Meet Angus The Adorable Labrador Who Was Fired From His Job For Loving Food Too Much

angus the labrador

Brace yourself, because I have found the most relatable dog of all time.

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Meet Angus the failed guide dog Labrador who lost his job because he simply loved food too much, according to 1oDaily.

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Working is tough. Sometimes you have bad days, sometimes you get fired. It’s a natural part of being an adult, but if Angus can come back from a career setback like this, so can all of us.

Being a guide dog is a tough gig, it requires extensive training and unfortunately, not everyone is cut out for it. Angus’ serious attachment to food made him a poor candidate for the seeing eye dog training program, but he has since been given a much more lucrative title.

Angus is the Chief Happiness Officer of the Creature Comforts program at an aged-care facility in Whiddon, Brisbane. According to residents, Angus is doing a gosh darn good job as CHO.

“He brings out the best in people” Maureen Armes, who lives in the facility told 10Daily. “People can be sitting in their wheelchairs and he comes along and they talk to him and they pat him … if he wasn’t here they’d be sitting there all day doing nothing.”

Activities Coordinator Robert Campbell, Angus helps to brighten the mood and plays a crucial role in the home’s care team.

“Some people that might be less inclined to come out or engage in things, with Angus around, we see him engage with them, putting a smile on their faces.”

Services dogs get “fired” all the time for not meeting the criteria needed for their respective jobs, but they’re usually just retired to become household pets. However, Angus wasn’t about to let one career setback ruin his life, and now he’s a vital part of the nursing home staff.

Angus the Labrador is a god damn inspiration to us all. Bless this adorable Chief Happiness Officer.