Dope Lemon AKA Angus Stone Once Bought A Yacht Off Gumtree On A Whim

Dope Lemon AKA Angus Stone

For episode 13 of Sneak Up, we officially landed our white whale.

Dope Lemon (aka Angus Stone) swung by Melbourne’s The Espy for our PEDESTRIAN.TV X Platypus Shoes poddy and it was a bloody good insight into this creative genius’ mind.

Having dropped his second LP, Smooth Big Cat, just last month, Angus is well-and-truly in the midst of being his album’s hype machine with a slew of headlining shows.

But seeing as the singer-songwriter has been pumping out tunes for over a decade, it’s kind of just assumed that he’s always on some sort of tour, no? The man is a machine.

During his chat to poddy host Jack Colquhoun, Angus explains the origin behind the yacht that sits in the lake of his now-famous ranch (still waiting on an invite to party there, just FYI), as well as his affinity for inhaling the fumes associated with fixing up an old-ass yacht.

If you’re familiar with Angus’ past work, you may notice something different about Smooth Big Cat. Angus explains that they switched up the creative process from previous efforts, so perk your ears to listen out for it.

There’s also a message behind Smooth Big Cat that’ll be comforting to all of you out there looking for the perfect album to ween yourselves off a rather large night. It’s highly recommended that you add it to your playlist in preparation for your next sesh.

Mum’s the word on what’s next for Dope Lemon (or Angus or Angus & Julia or As Lady Of Sunshine, jeez this man’s busy) after his seemingly endless touring, but there’s more than enough of Angus’ back catalogue to tide you over for a solid lifetime-and-a-half.

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