Party Legend Angus Stone Reveals He Dropped $20k On Organic Smoothie Habit

Angus & Julia Stone are the band equivalent of that weird hippie guy who inexplicably pulls out an acoustic guitar at every social gathering and is still repping the John Butler Trio way after the rest of us got sick of “Zebra“.

They are completely inoffensive in every way but also nothing you should listen to on purpose – unless you’re in a sundress and a big floppy hat and currently on a short road trip to some awful indie music festival.
My impression has always been that spending time with Angus Stone would be like hanging out with a piece of furniture that occasionally smokes weed.
An interview he just gave about his new solo project Dope Lemon has done nothing to dispel that, firstly from the new band’s motto (“good vibes only”) and secondly from an anecdote he told about his crazy lifestyle while recording he and his sister’s 2014 self-titled album.
Apparently, while recording with famous producer Rick Rubin, they managed to rack up a $20,000 sushi and organic smoothie bill, which is somehow simultaneously one of the most indulgent and one of the least exciting ways I can imagine spending that money. 
According to Stone, they were under the impression it was all complimentary – right up until the point that the huge figure was put in front of them. It’s pretty wild stuff. 
You can have a listen to a single from the new project here, if you feel you need a hit of extremely lethargic and mildly psychedelic rock:
Photo: Getty Images / Taylor Hill.