People Are Trolling Angus Taylor After He Was Caught Praising Himself On FB

Energy Minister Angus Taylor‘s Facebook page has been inundated with people earnestly commenting the exact phrase he was caught-out saying to himself earlier this week. It’s funny and it’s good because politics, as always, is dumb.

On Monday, a keen Twitter user noticed Taylor had commented on one of his own Facebook posts “Fantastic. Great move. Well done Angus.”

The self-congratulatory comment was quickly deleted but not before it was screenshot and passed around the internet. A tweet of the whole mess has over 1,000 retweets and thousands of likes.

Now, just about everything Taylor does on Facebook has people commenting a simple message:”Fantastic. Great move. Well done Angus.”

I am not kidding when I say almost every comment since Tuesday says this. Seriously, check it out for yourself. 

Except this one. Which basically says the same thing but longer.

On the bright side he could probably pass the wave of comments off as genuine to his older mates that aren’t as switched on. Also, there’s probably less people asking him about that Cayman Islands-based company linked to an $80million government water buyback.