Excuse Us, But Baker Boy’s Newie ‘Cool As Hell’ Might Make The Heat Bearable

It is hot as all get out in Australia right now, as you may have noticed. Luckily for everyone alive on this very sweaty continent, Baker Boy has emerged with some sweet respite with his new track Cool As Hell. 

[jwplayer y5bz6doa]

Featuring some of the funkiest instrumentation this side of Anderson .Paak, the new track plays to the rapper’s strengths while allowing him to cruise over one of the lushest beats in his discography.

The tune features co-writing credits from Aussie hip-hop mainstays Thundamentals and Carl Dimataga, a bloke whose influence can be heard on tunes from the likes of Khalid to Guy Sebastian. It shows: this one is slick, folks.

Expect to hear more of this kinda goodness when the Young Australian of the Year nominee releases that upcoming album, which is expected in August. Have a gander: