6 Up-And-Coming Aussie Hip Hop Acts That Demand Everyone’s Attention Right Bloody Now

Aussie hip hop acts

I’m not ashamed to admit that when I discover new music, I play it so often that I end up despising it and I refuse to learn my lesson.

Admittedly, I believe I’ve ruined an estimated 210 bands for myself. Is it an impressive feat? No, but I’m overdue for an ill-advised brag so here we are.

So, if you’ve ruined all of your favourite songs and need to update your music cycle, get your ears around some of these bad bois.

Full disclosure: I wouldn’t necessarily call all of these hip hop acts ‘up-and-coming’, but I’ve just heard about them so it still counts. Sorta.

Baker Boy

Baker Boy is having quite the year and no one can claim otherwise.

If you’ve recently listened to triple j for a coupla minnies, you’ve most likely heard Cool As Hell.

The song does what it says on the tin, too, as it’s an undeniably cool-as-hell banger.

Sorry. Had to.

Triple One


Triple One have been on the up and up for a good while now, and if they keep churning out tunes like the one below, there’s gonna be zilch stopping them.


The Sydney five-piece have an affinity for no-holds-barred raps, and it’s clearly paying off as their other hit Doozy (not featured) has copped over a million views on the ol’ Youtube.



I’m an (un)healthy level of obsessed with Kaiit and I can’t see it petering out any time soon.

The Melburnian singer-songwriter deserves all of your attention for her Insta alone. Every snap is fucked-up good.

Her tunes? Even better.



Although technically born in Nigeria and raised in New Zealand, it’s a pretty Aussie thing for us to just claim Sophiegrophy as our own.

We did it to Lorde, now we’re doing it to Sophiegrophy. Will we ever learn? Probably not.

But you can’t really blame us for wanting to have bragging rights over Sophiegrophy, her music is too good to deny.

Manu Crooks


Manu Crooks (not to be confused with UK band Crooks) has slowly been filling my playlist to max-capacity, and I’m in no way unhappy about it.

But, his tune Throw It Back with fellow Aussie B Wise may just be his best work yet. At least, in my humble opinion.


Drmngnow is arguably one of the most important voices in Aussie hip hop right now.

The MC has dropped a slew of must-hear tunes, and they’re incredibly handy for anyone who needs a crash-course in Indigenous culture.

That is, essentially every Aussie who’s getting all up in arms about changing the date of Australia Day. Let it go, dudes.

I’m sure I’ve missed a tonne of talented new musos and for that, I’d just like to not apologise.

I don’t owe anyone shit.