ABBA Hinted They’ll Be Performing A Virtual Tour After 4 Decades So Gimme, Gimme, Gimme It RN


Mamma Mia: ABBA have teased that that they will be releasing more music and performing a virtual tour, with more info being released on September 2nd!! So thank you for the music!!!!

I have a dream, that after four decades ABBA would finally release new music and after a mysterious website popped up today it seems like that may be a reality.

The website called ABBA Voyage, asks fans to register their interest in a new project. It’s all very mysterious and it’s lead a lot of people to guess that this means new music is on its way.

According to the BBC, ABBA Voyage will be the long-awaited hologram tour that the band originally announced in 2016. The super trouper group are also expected to release five new songs for the tour!!!!

ABBA have been promising new music for a while now, but it seems like it’s been slipping through our fingers all the time. They announced two new tracks called ‘I Still Have Faith In You’ and ‘Don’t Shut Me Down’ five years ago, but they were never released to the public.

However, the band seem to have finally heard our SOS as earlier this year Bjorn Ulvaeus confirmed that music would be coming in 2021.

“It’s not a case any more of it might happen, it will happen,” he told The Herald Sun.

There is no better time than now for a hologram tour TBH. Because knowing me, knowing you, we’ll still be stuck in lockdown until the end of the year.

It may be a weird fever dream I concocted, but I’m fairly certain there was a virtual ABBA exhibition at ACMI in Melbourne around 2010, and I danced with ABBA holograms. Well, if the tour’s anything like that, then sign me the fuck up.

So now that you know ABBA are releasing new music, the real question is: Does your mother know?