ABBA Is Hoping To Release New Music This Year & Someone Please Check On My Dear Mum


In incredible news, Benny Andersson of ABBA says the iconic group is hoping to release new music sometime this year. I’m texting Mum as I type this.

But look, I am aware that ABBA has been teasing new music for some time now so I’d absolutely get it if you’re skeptical. Last year, fellow member Bjorn Ulvaeus told a Danish tabloid that new bops were coming in September / October of 2019. They already have two songs recorded called I Still Have Faith In You and Don’t Shut Me Down. For whatever reason, the songs have yet to be released.

Anywho, dedicated fan account, ABBAtalk, posted a video of Andersson speaking to reporters about the new music. In his native tongue, Andersson said it’s “coming”.

“They’re coming this year,” he said. “But I can only guess, because I’m not really sure. But I would think so.” So yes, no, maybe… hopefully?

Andersson couldn’t promise the new music, but he did say he was hoping for a September release.

Stay tuned.

Back to the new songs, ABBA explained that they had recorded the tunes for a [checks notes] “virtual ABBA” experience in collaboration with American Idol creator Simon Fuller. This entire thing was announced way back in 2016, and was supposed to premiere via digital versions of the band members last year. But apparently, this process has been a tad difficult hence a number of delays.

Last January, Andersson told IceTheSite that the delays were due to legal complications.

“We are still trying to establish the agreement that needs to be done to be able to continue,” he said. “We are good. It’s the other side, everything that has to be done, everything that has to be drawn. It’s delayed. It’s not our doing.”

So, here’s hoping the legal complications have cleared up and sometime later this year ABBA will finally gift us some new tunes.