In news that has sent my early 00s emo brain into a total meltdown, there is reason to believe that Short Stack is about to announce a comeback.

Stack is back, baby. (maybe)

Now, let me just preface this by saying this is entirely speculation. But if my instincts and the instincts of Short Stack fans (yes, they still exist) can be trusted, Short Stack could very well be back in 2020.

In a now-deleted tweet, frontman Shaun Diviney sent the internet into a full-blown panic with a simple tweet proclaiming that we should “maaaaybe be online tomorrow night.”

I’m Calling It Now: Short Stack Are Getting Back Together Tomorrow

I know what you’re thinking, this tweet could mean absolutely anything. But to add to the suspicion, the band account blacked-out their cover photo and profile picture, and has been liking Short Stack-related tweets sporadically since late-December.

short stack

The band was active from 2005-2012, before returning to touring in 2015 for their Homecoming tour. However, their reunion was short lived, with the band later calling it quits for a second time shortly after the release of their Homecoming album.

“We all wanted to do different things. Andy wanted to travel. Bradie opened his own drum studio and then I sort of was doing my own thing so we just wanted to take a break,” Shaun told Junkee.

But now, it looks like they could be back (again).

Quick, everyone check their 2020 bingo cards. Did anyone have “Short Stack gets back together”? Anyone? Anyone at all?

The band is yet to update their Facebook account, with the most recent post being their annual Christmas photo. But honestly, after the immediate reaction to Diviney’s now-deleted tweet, it’s easy to see why they’d be scared to change it.

The Short Stack Twitter community have been quick to speculate that the tweet was referring to some sort of comeback, whether it’s just a reunion tour or if they’re fully reuniting to bring us the new music we truly deserve in 2020.

Pass me the black skinny jeans and spike up your hair because it looks like Stack is (maybe) back, baby.

Shaun Diviney, I’m begging you. Please do not disappoint me.

Stay tuned tomorrow night for an update.

Image: Getty Images / Mike Flokis