ALDI Is Piffing A $40 Aeropress Kit Next Week If You Wish To Slurp The Go-Go Juice

If this year has entirely worn out your fave brown bean drink maker and daily giver of life, you’ll be pleased to know that ALDI has locked in a full Aeropress coffee kit in its Special Buys sales next week. I told you the middle aisle harvest was bountiful this year, and this just proved that even more.

Landing in the fertile lands of the sacred misc middle aisle on Wednesday, August 26, the Aeropress coffee maker will set you back a tidy $39.99, and bring you the ability to slurp the hot brown to your heart’s content. Lord knows coffee has been one of my only saving graces in this garbage fire of a year, so being able to brew a fine bean has never been more important.

ALDI aeropress coffee
Very much me, working from home.

Alongside creating delicious cups of go-go juice, the Aeropress is a lightweight coff contraption, so you can totally take it away with you on camping trips and hikes – if you still remember what those things are. Maybe you can start off by taking it down to the park when we’re allowed to go back there. Baby steps, you know?

The ALDI Aeropress deal also comes with 350 microfilters, which will set you up for nearly a full year of delicious bean beveraginos. Not bad, not bad at all.

Oh and if you’re looking for something to plunge that sweet nectar into, you can also pick up a double-walled insulated travel mug or a wonderfully naff novelty mug for $9.99.