ALDI’s Doing A Whole Damn Aeropress Kit For $35, So Get Around That Precious Bean

Praises be unto the lords of the holy bean, because ALDI is going to be selling a few contraptions perfect for extracting the hot bean juice, in its coveted Special Buys aisle next week, including the holy grail of quick & easy filter coffee – the Aeropress.

[jwplayer nrkyZ3sm]

As part of the last-chance special buys before Father’s Day, you’ll be able to cop a sacred bean juice maker/Aeropress from ALDI for a very princely sum of $35. And yep, that includes plunger, scoopy thing, enough filters to last you a year, a paddle (?), and a big funnel-thingo.

Considering my workmate bought the same thing a few years back for $50, and the love of getting a good single-origin fancy-ass bean and making your own coff has only gotten bigger since then, I’m gonna go ahead and say that this is a pretty good deal.

They’re nifty and handy little things too – you can literally just make a good bean juice wherever you are with one of them. Like, all you need is access to hot water and you’ve got yourself the tools to make a piping hot mug o’ joe. The delicious filter brown drink to slurp up like there’s no tomorrow but you also wish to work at triple-speed and see through time.

Me after my fourth filter of the day.

If you’re the kind of person who likes to grind down the perfectly-roasted bean into a powder to your personal liking, and also wish to show off your arm muscles and/or hand skills to everyone in your immediate vicinity, ALDI will also be selling manual coffee grinders for a tight $15. So you can stand in the kitchen and get a workout before you brew the bean. What a way to start the day.

The Good Bean deals go on sale from next Wednesday, August 21, and you better believe I’ll be getting right around that sacred middle aisle for that cheap Aeropress. Maybe I’ll grab a packet of choccy Hobnobs, too.