ALDI Is Dropping A Bounty Of Kitchen Gear Next Week Including A Fkn Wild Multi Snack Maker

aldi snack maker special buy

The ALDI middle aisle harvest is plentiful and giving this month, my friends. Next week’s special buys include a whole smorgasbord of fancy-lookin’ kitchen gear, including schmick matching toasters, kettles, and egg cookers (!!!) but what I’m truly eyeing off is something called a “Multi Snack Maker”.

You thought the humble pie maker was a gamechanger of a contraption for your iso-baking needs, well how about one that’s clearly hit the NOS and gone full turbo.

Without sounding like one of those cheesy daytime television Danoz Direct types, this here snack maker from ALDI literally will make four (4) different kinds of treats, thanks to interchangeable inserts. What the FUCK, that’s a THING?!

You can make mini doughnuts, waffles, oreshki (little Russian cookies), and grill whatever other snacks you see fit in this thing, making it quite possibly a kitchen gadget that you’ll actually use.

ALDI special buys kitchen
Multi Snack Maker – $39.99

The sacred middle aisle is also blessing us with a ‘Super Blend 1000‘, which my mother would lovingly call a “Wazzer”, and a Deep Fill sandwich maker (which just sounds too horny for public display.)

ALDI is clearly keeping us and our iso lives in mind with next week’s sales as well, because there’s an eight-cup Bodum coffee maker for $19.99 (!!) and some very snazzy-looking stoneware dinner sets for $9.99 for a four-pack, and matching $4.99 table accessories from Crofton – the same lot that does my beloved annual cast-iron deal.

ALDI special buys kitchen

So if you’re looking to zjoosh up the kitchen and replace all the chipped bowls that you’re suddenly noticing because you look at them every single day, or you’re ready to take next step in your sharehouse kitchen and get things that actually match, this is your kinda special buy sale.

It all drops into that blessed weird misc aisle in the middle of your local ALDI from Wednesday, August 19, so go get the multi snack maker of your dreams (safely and responsibly.)