Delicate jewellery icons Sarah & Sebastian are expanding their engagement ring offering, and it’s pretty exciting news for anyone who adores their delicate, classic-yet-slightly-edgy styles but doesn’t live anywhere near their Paddington flagship store.

Sarah & Sebastian already have an extensive collection of engagement and wedding rings as part of their ‘White’ collection, but now they’re expanding with a fully customisable range – that you can create online.

Choose the ring style, materials, diamond shape and colour – even if you’re living in Whoop Whoop. The site will then show you all angles of your new ring, plus show what it would look like on.

Even better, they now have a ‘try at home’ kit that allows you to play around with different shaped stones and bands, working out the style that suits you best.

Given you’re likely to be wearing this baby for the rest of your life, it makes sense you’d want to play around with it physically before committing.

It’s all available as of today, so head to the Sarah & Sebastian website for a play-around.

Image: Sarah & Sebastian