Cop Your First Look At Rose Leslie’s Huge Engagement Ring C/O Kit Harington

If you’re anywhere near our level of Game Of Thrones obsessed, you’d have died over the announcement that ex-GOT star Rose Leslie was engaged to current GOT star and ex on-screen love interest, Kit Harington.

The two have been being adorably cute since 2012, and announced their engagement in late September – via a formal newspaper announcement. It’s too much.

Until now we haven’t copped a solid look at the ring, but on October 8 Rose made a trip to Heathrow airport with said ring firmly on her finger, and we’ve got some solid zoom-ins, people.

Here’s an even zoomier zoom-in.

Source: Getty Images / Ray Crowder

It is (as we expected from the couple) super traditional and simple. But also huge. Goddamn, that is some diamond.

There’s been no further info about the wedding from the couple, although Kit did tell Jonathan Ross on his show last week that the Game Of Thrones cast will all be present and accounted for, which is just bloody adorable.

Now we’re gonna feel all weird watching Dany and Jon banging in the next season, ffs.