WATCH: Kit Harington’s Grot Severed Head Prank Scared Rose Leslie To Tears

Appearing on one the biggest fantasy television show in living memory has its advantages: not only do you become accustomed with the idea of severed heads, you also gain access to the SFX boffins who can make those dismembered noggins a terrifying reality.

Kit Harington revealed he’s comfortable with both of those lil’ bonuses thanks to his work on Game Of Thrones, telling talk-show host Jonathan Ross he used a mock-up of his own deceased bonce to scare the shit out of on-screen and real life partner Rose Leslie.

“Her family doesn’t do April Fool’s,” Harington said of his gory stunt. “And after that, she was in tears. And I was there going, ‘April Fool’s.”

Footage of Leslie collapsing to the floor after the stunt solidifies the notion Harington is probably going to summon her family as White Walkers come Halloween. Before that apocalyptic and engagement-testing scene, wrap your eyes around this pranky goodness: