Kit Harington & Rose Leslie Have Welcomed A Tiny Wildling Baby To Be Our New King In The North

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have welcomed a tiny human child, and in typical fashion they kept extremely quiet about it. But now we know! Tiny wildling baby, welcome to the world.

The couple confirmed the news to various tabloids, saying it was a boy and they are “very very happy”. But that’s it! We don’t have a name, a birth date, or any other details.

In fact, Kit and Rose only released a statement on their baby after they were papped in London carrying a newborn bub. Neither of them have Instagram, and honestly, more power to them. I guess when you star in one of the biggest franchises of all time, you crave a little privacy.

For those who somehow missed the memo, the couple met on Game of Thrones, when Rose was the fiery wildling Ygritte to Kit’s brooding Jon Snow.

“If you’re already attracted to someone, and then they play your love interest in the show, it becomes very easy to fall in love,” Harington told L’Uomo Vogue in May 2016.

Sadly, Ygritte was killed off mid-way through the series, but thankfully it was before Game of Thrones went from most beloved show of the decade to HBO’s bitter aftertaste.

Apart from the showbiz element, this couple are very endearingly old school – after all, Kit Harington is distantly connected to royalty (his family is believed to be the descendants of King Charles II), and Rose Leslie was raised in a literal castle.

Case in point: they announced their engagement in The Times of London newspaper.

We may never get photos of the tiny bub, but personally I can’t wait for the interviews in 10 or so years where Kit and Leslie awkwardly answer if they let their kid watch Game of Thrones.