Kylie Jenner’s Idea Of ‘Art’ Is Hanging Giant Condoms On Her Walls

kylie jenner

Unlike most 21-year-olds, Kylie Jenner has a shit tonne of money to decorate her home. And by home, we mean her offensively lavish Los Angeles ‘mansion’, but same diff.

Rather than simply palming the decor job off to one of her many staff members – which she could totally do – Kylie’s taken to furnishing her whole place from scratch.

And the result is actually pretty good.

In fact, the young makeup mogul’s work has made a name for herself as a low-key interior designer, with Kylie recently tapped by Architectural Digest to share behind-the-scenes shots of her not-so-humble abode.

As you might expect, there’s a fair share of Barbie pink and neon lights:

Source: Architectural Digest

But one detail everyone seemed to completely overlook in the OG tour was her wall dedicated to giant condoms.

Yep. We knew there had to be something completely whack hidden in Ky’s home, and here it is.

The sighting was first made in this clip shared by the publication, with Kris Jenner talking about Kylie’s design style:

“I think Kylie’s design style is extremely mature” explains Kris. “Your level of taste and your understanding of art and furniture and design is at a level that most people your age have no idea”

“I get excited to see what’s next with you because your creativity and your imagination and the way you design your house is very similar to how you run your business.”

But then, BOOM – there’s a massive shrine to Trojan condoms sitting above her bar:

kylie jenner
Source: Instagram

Oh yeah, nothing but the maturest design here, guys.

Some fans were straight up confused:

While other implied it might be a more ironic decor choice:

Either way, it’s definitely a statement piece. Does it look good? Well sorta… until you realise that they’re actually condoms. Then it just feels super weird. But it’s a Kardashian house, so it kinda makes sense that Ky’s got her fair share of cooked deets?