Koala Just Launched A Sofa Bed & Bookshelves So Best Update That Santa Wish List

I, like many Aussies, am one of those deep Koala obsessives – I tried the mattress, I died over the mattress, I now go yelling about the mattress to anyone who will listen after I have 2 wines.

[jwplayer 56ccidj3]

Every time they drop a new product people (me) go insane over it. The pillow? My new favourite. The sheets? Not my ride-or-die faves but absolutely my close-second faves (I live for Ettitude’s bamboo sheets). The sofa? Legitimately huge and comfy.

Now they have a sofa bed, and you can bet your sweet bippy it’ll be comfier than your nan’s fold-out you were forced to sleep on every Christmas, ages 8-15.

Koala say the bed unfolds in “four seconds”, with the bit you sit on pulling out, and the back of it becoming the mattress part. If that makes sense.

Here’s the sofa closed up:

And this is how it folds out:

But they haven’t stopped there – nope, right before Christmas they’ve dropped bookshelves and a TV unit.

There’s nothing super wild about the bookshelves and TV unit, but they’re easy to set up (Koala say it’ll take you ten min) and I personally am loving the minimalist timber and slidey storage sections on the bottom.

If you’re keen, the bookshelves start at $650, with the sofa bed costing $1,400.  *Updates Christmas wish list*.