We Tested Out Koala’s Cheapest Mattress To See If It Was As Comfy As The OG

Koala SE Mattress Review
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Mates, a few weeks ago I brought you the good news that the legends over at Koala (ya know, our glorious sleep overlords?) have dropped its most affordable mattress yet, the Koala SE Mattress. Well, now I’m here to back that up with a review of the cloud-like mattress.

Yep, Koala read my yarn, offered me the goods with no strings attached, and well, how can ya girl say no? So, here we are, and I’m going to give you the full rundown of the champagne mattress on a beer budget.

First Impressions

Let’s start with the delivery, that bad boy came in HOT. Literally within 24 hours, it was delivered to my door — and I don’t live in any of the major cities, I live on the Sunshine Coast, so I wasn’t expecting it to come so quickly.

Upon arrival, my partner and I opened the box and sliced that plastic open to let out the mattress. We thought it would take a while to unfurl before we could sleep on it comfortably, but that little baby laid out almost instantly. We popped on some freshly washed sheets (honestly, orgasm-inducing) and got ourselves ready for bed.

My setup.

How comfortable is the Koala SE Mattress?

Now, I’ve slept on some mattresses in my time. I’ve rested (and ~tested~ hehe) everything from the $3,000+ mattresses at my parent’s place right through to the $300 lump I slept on while living in my uni sharehouse, so I feel like I have a pretty good grasp on what’s good. And let me tell ya, for under $1,000, the SE Mattress is a broke girl’s fkn dream.

Anyway, back to comfort. The beer-budget mattress features the brand’s famous Kloudcell technology — you know, the stuff that makes you feel like you’re floating on a cloud? Along with the three-zone superior support, cooling tech and a good dose of breathability. It was also built to isolate motion, meaning you could sleep next to someone who tosses and turns like a motherfucker (LOL, my boyfriend) and still not feel a thing! Plus, they’ve included a built-in quilted topper that’s extra plush for that float-on-top feeling.

Even better news? It’s still comfortable after a few weeks of sleeping, boning and binge-watching TV series in bed. Even our dog’s obsessed with it, I keep finding him perched on our bed throughout the day instead of in his own bed. Cheeky bugger!

How much does the Koala SE Mattress cost?

The most you’re going to pay for the Koala SE mattress is $995 for a King, $800 for a queen, $675 for a double, $625 for a king single and $575 for a regular ol’ single.

On top of all of that, all Koala prods come with that nice risk-free 120-night trial and fast, fuss-free delivery, so you’re really getting a bit of a steal here.

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Image Credit: Bree Grant / Koala