Koala Just Dropped Three New Mattresses, Which Is Convenient Considering We Live In Bed Now

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The Aussie furniture lords at Koala were the very first to do the bed in a box thing — you know, those physics-defying mattresses that come in a relatively compact cardboard box, unfold very easily and then you can leap on top of them holding red wine and it doesn’t spill.

Since then they’ve expanded into other areas — desks! TV units! Office chairs! Sheets! Pillows! — but Koala is now revisiting its roots by launching three brand-new mattresses: an updated OG Koala mattress, a slightly more bougie one and a shit-hot top of the line model. Let’s unpack further.

The New Koala Mattress

koala mattress
The New Koala Mattress, $1050 (queen)

This is basically the original Koala mattress with a few new additions — it’s got a Tencel Lyocell sleep surface, which is a 7cm layer that wicks away moisture and keeps you cool and comfy when you’re drifting off. The next layer down is a Kloudcell comfort surface, which is flippable, meaning you can pick a medium-firm or firm density depending on what floats your boat. The core of the mattress also has new and improved levels of support, and no matter if you sleep on your back, side or on your stomach with your butt in the air like a toddler, you’ll be super comfortable.

The New Koala Calm As Mattress

Koala mattress
The New Koala Calm As Mattress, $1650 (queen)

This guy has four layers — a flippable 7cm Kloudcell one with added Coolmax technology for all you sweaty sleepers (plus a nice 1cm quilted plush cover), a fancy ZoneOut transition layer that brings extra airflow and lower back support, the mattress core and a StayPut edge support, which is extra security if you tend to thrash about when sleeping.

The New Koala Soul Mate Mattress

Koala mattress
The New Koala Soul Mate Mattress, $2700 (queen)

The top-tier big dog of the new range, The Soul Mate has the Kloudcell layer coming in at a luxe 9cm (rather than 7cm) with an added 2cm plush quilted layer as well. Honestly, that sounds like it would feel like falling asleep in a comforting hug, and I’m all about that right now.

The Kloudcell layer is also flippable so you can change the firmness, just like with the other mattresses. The next layer down is a bamboo charcoal memory foam which relieves pressure and is naturally anti-microbial (love that in a pandemic).

The Soul Mate mattress, unlike the other two, also has a layer of adaptive foam springs that move with your body for max support and comfort, as well as the edge support of the Soul Mate.

You can read more about all the different bells and whistles on the Koala site HERE — and you have 120 days to try your Koala mattress to make sure you love it, otherwise you can send it on back.