Koala Proves They’re Stiff Competition By Erecting A New Pisstake Billboard

There ain’t no question that Koala Mattresses know how to take the piss out of advertising, and they certainly know how to do it to their own advantage.

You might remember a while back where the burgeoning Australian bed slab company took aim at the infinitely weird string of De Rucci billboards that find themselves glaring at punters all over the shop, including a famous placement at Melbourne Airport; aping the infamous demon man of sleep with their own extremely very good version of the ad that spruiked their own wares.

Turns out the ad department at Koala isn’t a one hit wonder.

A new run of billboards from the mattress company takes the piss well and truly out of the classic, everywhere-you-go, yellow and red “Want Longer Lasting Sex?” ads that anyone who’s ever been within five km of a highway has no doubt seen countless times.

The pisstake versions slap a very un-subtle “sleep” sticker over the horny word, urging punters not to snort a magical nasal spray in order to level up their stiffies, but to instead put their weary bones to rest on a comfy-ass bed.

Now that’s a spicy meat-a-ball.

The ads are extremely timely too, as it turns out, given that the man behind the originals – Jacov Vaisman – went bankrupt in January.

Why, it’s almost as if the timing isn’t a coincidence at all, come to think of it. The bloody devils.