Koala’s Got A Buy-One-Get-One 50% Off Sale On RN If Ya Need A Worthy Excuse To Drop Some Hundos

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While we wouldn’t go as far to say we’d like to turn back the clock and head back to high school, we do miss the times when the Bank of Mum and Dad took care of all our wants and needs. Being an adult means doing big adult things like budgeting (gross) and not chucking a sickie once a week (sad). It also means knowing when to update your mattress, because anything longer than 10 years literally belongs in the bin, babes.

Shopping for a new mattress can be an expensive and overwhelming experience, but it doesn’t have to be, y’all — especially if you know where to look (and where to find the best sales). Luckily for you, we’ve found ’em because the good ol’ mattress kings at Koala happen to be doing a cheeky deal RN, where you can cop 50% off a second item for EVERY piece of furniture you buy.

Just bear in mind that this sale is only on until Sunday, May 21, so that gives you just three days from, uh, right now to get your bibbity bobbity bed on.

So, go ahead and grab your wallets, folks and let’s get this shopping spree underway, shall we?

Koala mattress sale
Image: Koala

First up, if you’ve been dying to cop one of Koala’s bestselling mattresses that retails at $999 forever, today’s your lucky day because you could unlock 50% off a matching bed base to go with it, leaving ya with a hot and heavy $1,050 worth of savings (!!!).

Say you want to throw in some neato bed sheets and some Koala pillows, you’ll also cop 50% off one of those, too. How’s that for a solid linen stock up?

Just so we’re clear, bedding is not the only thing on offer either. Koala’s whole site is up for grabs, so if the bedroom has received enough love already, you can give the lounge or kitchen an upgrade with the Virtue ChairCushy Sofa, and dining table (or all three given the deal is THAT good).

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Image: Koala

And, of course, all the products will come with that nice risk-free 120-night trial and fast, fuss-free metro delivery.

Now, go forth and check out the rest of the Koala mattress/furniture sale right here on Koala’s website in all its glory.