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I really love to sleep. In fact, all I ever think about and care about is sleep. Sometimes I’m out at a party or whatever and, while I’m having fun, I have this fleeting, delicious thought about the moment I get home, wash off all my makeup, put on all my skincare and rest my head on my pillows. In the fantasy the bed is also heated c/o an electric blanket and I’ve put on my softest PJS. And maybe it’s raining, too. Ooft.

Because I really like sleep and assume a lot of you also like sleep a lot, I thought a fun thing I could do is to try all the top rated pillows I could find around the internet traps. This was very fun for me, obviously, because now I have a lot of very good pillows. Too many, in fact. I have too many amazing pillows and I’m really quite stressed about it.

Anyway, you don’t need to know (or care) about my over-abundance of pillows. What matters is which one is right for you? I am very observant and hyper-analytical – this makes for a really terrible life experience but for a really great analysis of pillows, I’ve discovered.

1. Sleep Republic Pillow

Sleep Republic Pillow, $130

This fancy dream machine is made with exclusive foamAir Technical Cushioning (which is just smart talk for super comfy). The fabric is super soft and breathable AND the fibres are environmentally responsible as well, so you can sleep extra easy.

2. Koala Pillow

Koala Pillow, $150

Ignore the blue bit – that’s just how Koala show the foam tech that’s gone into their pillow, which is the one I currently favour out of my bazillion pillows. See, the mattress geniuses also turned out to be geniuses when it comes to pillows – they’re claiming this is the one ultimate (!!) pillow for all types of sleepers.

First, there’s a “high” and a “low” side to the pillow, basically you can flip the pillow depending on your preference. But regardless, the outer edge is firmer than the centre – meaning your neck is supported.

I love this pillow because I enjoy memory foam, but always found it a little too firm. So I use the “low” side and it’s perfect. I also hug my pillow and lie on my stomach, so it allows for that too.

The best thing though? The air holes mean it’s always cool – you know how you flip your pillow for the cold side? This pillow is ALWAYS PLEASANTLY COOL.

Side note: our sister site LifeHacker has some primo discount codes if you wanna shave some $$ off your Koala purchase, FYI.

3. Ecosa Memory Foam Pillow

Ecosa Pillow, $112.50

If you prefer an ergonomic shape to your pillow, the Ecosa one is for you – but it’s also for you if you wake up with a crick in your neck all the time. I found this pillow was the clear winner for neck support. While I prefer the Koala pillow at the moment (and still find it supportive) the shape of the Ecosa is brilliant if you sleep on your back or side.

My only issue with this one is when I’m in a stomach-sleeping mood, the shape can be a bit awkward.

Another bonus – the Ecosa pillow comes with two inserts that can raise the height of the pillow, designed for heavier… heads. I have a friend with this insanely heavy head (seriously) so this would be a god send if that’s you.

4. Downia Double Surround Pillow

Downia Double Surround White Duck Down & Feather Pillow, $64.95

This is my favourite “regular” pillow – not everyone is a fan of duck down/feather, but if you are – this is a great pillow. It’s soft and comfy without getting that whole-head-sinking-into-the-abyss feeling.

5. Dunlopillo Therapillo

Dunlopillow Therapillo, $76.99

Bizarre name aside, this one is a great all-rounder. It’s a good firmness, and while as far as memory ones go I still prefer the Koala one, it’s $50 cheaper so if money is an issue, this is a good bet!

6. Target Firm Side Sleeper Pillow

Target Side Sleeper Pillow, $10

This is my fave for side-sleeping. Be warned – it’s pretty firm, but that’s necessary if you sleep on your side and want the neck support! It’s also super cheap, which is always a bonus.

7. Target Posture Support V Pillow

Posture Support V Pillow, $15

I found this pillow a little soft, but good GOD the V-shape is really… nurturing? Idk, it’s like being hugged by a pillow and I’m really into that vibe. There’s a time and a place for it, for me (when I feel weird and sad, for example).

8. Sleep Republic Memory Foam Pillow

Sleep Republic Pillow, $130

The Sleep Republic pillow comes in both high profile and low profile. Essentially, a big, fat squishy one, and a flatter version. I love both for different people – stomach sleepers will LOVE the low profile version because it’s still got that memory foam cloud-like softness to it, but your face doesn’t smoosh all the way in and crush your nostrils.

The high profile one is great if you’re a back or side sleeper. It hugs your neck, so so good.

Image: Breakfast At Tiffanys