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I love sleep so much to the point I think I could live in my bed. In fact, pre-COVID, I would often find myself out at a party or the pub, and I’d reach a point where no matter how good of a time I was having, I wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about how much I wanted to crawl into my comfy bed.

I’d sit there daydreaming about the moment I get home, wash off all my makeup, lather my face in skincare and rest my head on one of my many comfy AF pillows in my sacred cocoon. In the fantasy, the bedsheets are also freshly cleaned, my legs are shaved, and I’ve put on my softest PJs (IFKYK). And maybe it’s raining, too — just for that sad music video effect.

I am not certain about many things, but I am certain that my love for my bed is not an isolated thing, so for those of you who love sleeping just as much as me, I thought it would be fun to ask all my co-workers to give me their humble opinions on their go-to pillow, bc we all have one we favourite over the other six on our beds, and it’s probably time we replaced them.

Turns out, my pals have a lot of divisive thoughts and feels, so read on to find out the pillows they swear make for the perfect slumber. You’re welcome!

Ergoflex HD Memory Foam Pillow

Humble Opinions: We Tested 11 Ergonomic Pillows To Find A God Tier Cloud For Yr Noggin

Ergoflex HD Memory Foam Pillow, now $169.99, usually $199.99

“I used to have the flattest pillow on earth before this, so when I tell you anything is an improvement, I’m talking literally anything. That’s why when I tore open the plastic on this baby, I was so fkn shocked at how thick and cushiony it was. After I got over the initial growing pains of the switch (aka getting used to having proper memory foam support), I am mad at myself for not making the switch sooner. I feel like I wake up so much more aligned, and instead of letting my head and neck lull around all night, it moulds to my body seamlessly. Highly recommend .” — Tiffany

Emma Sleep Pillow 

emma sleep pillow

Emma Sleep Pillow, now $100, (usually $200)

“When I first pulled the Emma Pillow out of its box, I was worried that it was going to be too thin for me. I’ve been sleeping with foam pillows for years now, and they’ve all been much fluffier and thicker than this. But after sleeping on it, I was blown away by how comfy and supportive this pillow is. The Emma pillow isn’t a single piece of foam but three layers of foam – HRX Supreme, Airgocell, and viscoelastic. The layers work together to give the pillow its firmness and ergonomic support – which you can mix and match to fit your own comfort (I use all three because it feels a bit too thin for me otherwise). My only real issue with it is that it’s quite large and just barely fit into the pillowcase covers that I owned at the time.” — Chris

The Eva Pillow

eva pillow

The Eva Pillow, now $120, usually $150

“The first thing that struck me upon opening my Eva pillow was just how cool it looked. The black charcoal memory foam was something I’d never seen before — a whole new world of pillows. And then there’s the texture, soft and rubbery — the whole thing just challenged my perceptions of what a pillow should be. The Eva offers two levels of firmness, you can add the included cover if you like it thicc, or you can just chuck on a pillowcase directly over the charcoal bad boy as is. I chose the latter as I like my pillows on the slimmer side. At first, I loved it. It felt insanely supportive when I gave it a little test lie on my back, my head looking up at the ceiling. Problem is, I sleep on my stomach, and when trying this with Eva, it just felt weird. I’m used to a much firmer pillow and didn’t think I’d ever get used to the Eva — and yet, I slept like a baby the first night and the second and have continued to for weeks. Sometimes it still feels weird, but you can’t argue with results.” — David 

Ecosa Memory Foam

Humble Opinions: We Tested 11 Ergonomic Pillows To Find A God Tier Cloud For Yr Noggin

Ecosa Memory Foam Pillow, now $112.50, usually $150

“If you prefer an ergonomic shape to your pillow, the Ecosa one is for you — but it’s also for you if you wake up with a crick in your neck all the time. I found this pillow was the clear winner for neck support. The shape of the Ecosa is brilliant if you sleep on your back or side. My only issue with this one is when I’m in a stomach-sleeping mood, the shape can be a bit awkward. Another bonus — the Ecosa pillow comes with two inserts that can raise the height of the pillow, designed for heavier heads. I have a friend with this insanely heavy head (seriously), so this would be a godsend if that’s you.” — Melissa

Koala Pillow

koala pillow

Koala Pillow, $169

“First, there’s a “high” and a “low” side to the pillow. Basically, you can flip the pillow depending on your preference. But regardless, the outer edge is firmer than the centre — meaning your neck is supported. I love this pillow because I enjoy memory foam but always found it a little too firm. So I use the “low” side, and it’s perfect. I also hug my pillow and lie on my stomach, so it allows for that too. The best thing, though? The air holes mean it’s always cool – you know how you flip your pillow for the cold side? This pillow is ALWAYS PLEASANTLY COOL.” — Mel 

Macoda Pillow

macoda pillow

Macoda Pillow, $150

“Some days I feel like I’m 26 going on 46. My neck is always sore (WFH has definitely contributed to that), and I feel like I need to properly stretch in the mornings to be able to function during the day a long way from what I was doing pre-25. It never really occurred to me just how much 8hrs of sleeping on my side or prostrate could affect my neck and back, but ever since using the Macoda pillow, I’ve noticed, I am wriggling around in bed far less overall. I feel better rested and not nearly as sore when I wake up and throughout the day. This pillow is on the firmer side, but your head still sinks into the memory foam, and as someone who previously used a lumpy old thing from my mum’s never-ending supply of bedding, it’s heaven. This pillow also has a constant cool side due to the pillow’s open structure, which allows airflow. I generally run hot when I sleep, so I am so excited to have this as the weather gets warmer.” — Georgia 

The Sleep Republic Pillow

sleep republic pillow

The Sleep Republic Pillow, $130

“I like that this ergonomic pillow doesn’t look weird on my bed — usually they can look a bit square or weirdly shaped. This has been a lifesaver with the back issues I’ve been having lately, and, not going to lie, also creates the support that I so desperately need when working from bed (or horizontally on my phone).” — Chantelle 

Hilton Hotel & Home Superior Queen Pillow

Hilton pillow

Hilton Hotel & Home Superior Queen Pillow, $79.95

“Highly recommend these pillows. They have such a luxe feel to them and really do remind me of the kind of bedding you’d find on a bed in a fancy hotel. I was also really pleasantly surprised with the price (they’re also often on sale). I have one of these and one memory foam pillow, and I find that I like having this to really cuddle up and get cosy with. One thing to note is that it is quite thick, so excellent for side sleepers — but for someone who prefers a flatter/thinner option, you’ll want to avoid this one.” — Zara

Bamboo Standard Pillow

Humble Opinions: We Tested 11 Ergonomic Pillows To Find A God Tier Cloud For Yr Noggin

Bamboo Pillows Standard Bamboo Pillow, now $ 54.95, usually $74.95

“Using standard pillows, I often used to wake up with a sore neck for no good reason. Sometimes the pain would last for days. After switching to this one, it stopped happening. Its comfortable and firm memory foam seems to be the perfect height for me. The only downside is it seems like it’s beginning to flatten out, which means I’ll need to replace it soon, but I’ve had a good nine months of use, so can’t really complain when that’s the price.” — Matt 

Kmart Anko High and Firm

Humble Opinions: We Tested 11 Ergonomic Pillows To Find A God Tier Cloud For Yr Noggin

Kmart Anko High and Firm, $16

“I started using the Anko High and Firm pillows about a year ago, and they’re fantastic they’re the perfect combo of fluffy and supportive, which makes the ultimate cosy sleeping buddy IMO. They’re not too soft yet firm in a way that doesn’t have you feeling like you’re sleeping on concrete. I am a terrible sleeper, but ever since I’ve used these Anko godsends, I’ve definitely had a lot of my anxiety around sleep curbed because they make the whole ‘going to bed’ experience wonderful. I think they’re pretty dang great considering the $14 price point, too!” — Bianca 

Target Side Sleeper Pillow

Humble Opinions: We Tested 11 Ergonomic Pillows To Find A God Tier Cloud For Yr Noggin

Target Side Sleeper Pillow, $11.20 (usually $14)

“I’ve been buying Target’s Side Sleeper Pillows for years now. They’re really comfy, especially if you suffer from neck pain or tension headaches (I used to use a special one from my physio before I got onto these Target ones). They’re easy to wash — just check them in the machine — plus at only $12 a pop there’s no deterrent to replacing your pillows regularly to keep bugs at bay.” — Mel M 

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