There’s Never Been A Better Time To Give Period Undies A Whirl If They Used To Scare You

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV
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We’re all going to be working at home in some capacity for the foreseeable future. Even though some offices are inviting employees back in, the world has well and truly changed, meaning we’re able to give makeup a rest, embrace the trackpant life and… try period underwear?

Yep, this is the perfect time to give period underwear a whirl. You probably haven’t in the past because you were terrified of some kinda high school-era blood explosion, weren’t you? That experience we’ve all had at least once, usually in our teen years, where our pad overflowed and we were left with a conspicuous red patch on our pants.

Or maybe you imagined period underwear being as supremely uncomfortable as those giant boat-sized pads you wore the first time you got your period?

Whatever the case, you’ve avoided it until now – but folks, this is the time to give ’em a go.

1. They’re Not Like Pads

At all. Forget the vibes of large, crunchy bits of plastic and whatever the fuck else in your knickers – period undies are breathable and, for example in the case of Aussie brand Modibodi, use a liner of merino, polyester and spandex to absorb blood.

Modibodi Classic Bikini Light/Moderate Absorbency, $25.50

2. They Come In Varying Absorbencies

It’s not a one-flow-fits-all deal with period underwear. For example, Modibodi have pants ranging from super light absorbency through to heavy/night absorbency.

The idea is to buy a couple of pairs in the absorbencies you need, as everyone bleeds differently through the length of their period.

It also means if you buy correctly for your period flow, you won’t be dealing with any leakage issues.

3. They’re Great For The Planet

Modibodi Seamfree Full Brief, Heavy / Overnight Absorbency, $36

Think about how many pads, tampons and liners you send to landfill EVERY MONTH. Multiply that by half the population, and you can see how big an issue menstrual products can be for the environment.

But – a lot of us bleed each month. And we’re not all happy to free bleed. Period underwear can be a great alternative in your menstrual cycle management if you’re worried about landfill. They’re washable, they last as long as regular underwear.

4. The Washing Part Isn’t Chaos

For example with the Modibodi product, you literally just rinse the undies in cold water after use, wait until the water runs clear, then pop them in a cold wash cycle.

All you need to remember is don’t use fabric softener, as it can minimise their efficacy.

We’re definitely not saying period underwear is for everyone. There’s still the fact you have to wear your period protection on the outside of your body, for example. But if you haven’t tried them yet, what’s the harm in giving ’em a go while you’re in isolation?

You can buy loads of styles and colours on Modibodi’s site, here. Did we mention they’re doing 30% off for Cyber Monday?