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If you’re a fan of Modibodi period proof underwear, get excited – the brand has just released activewear that’ll handle both your HIIT workouts AND your period.

The new active collection features running shorts, that have a built in underwear layer that’s designed to absorb period blood, sweat and bladder leaks.

Active Running Shorts, $59

If you’re more of a tights kinda person, they have 3/4 leggings where the period proofing tech is built into the gusset.

Active 3/4 Leggings, $80

Aside from the two activewear options, Modibodi now have active briefs – a light-moderate pair to absorb periods, and a moisture wicking pair that protects against sweat patches. NICE.

 Active Brief, $30

The whole collection is now available on Modibodi – your post-iso workout self is thanking you already.