If there’s one period-related product that’s generating plenty of hype, it’s period underwear. The concept is wild – undies you can comfortably wear worry-free during even the heaviest day of your period, that’ll soak up the blood and not make you feel like you’re sitting in it.

If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re likely curious. They’re marketed as being an environmentally-friendly option instead of tampons or pads, and a comfy one at that.

Because we here at P.TV were also curious, we decided to give them a whirl. Seven of us – all with different kinds of periods – tried out a range of Modibodi‘s period undies, so you can get an honest idea of whether they’re the right option for you.


Period Type: I take the pill, so my period is pretty light, comes at the same-ish time each month, and lasts for like 4 days.

Verdict: I used the Sensual Boyleg, which has a light-moderate absorbency. My first thoughts were that I was impressed with the quality of the material – it’s a really soft bamboo, and the gusset bit that holds your blood is thin and barely noticeable when you wear them.

I tried them on the first day of my period, so it was all pretty light-on. I was nervous about leakage because I’ve been a tampon user for over a decade and I’m not used to letting myself free-bleed, essentially. But there was no leakage whatsoever.

I think the best benefit for me is that the gusset really does absorb everything, so you don’t feel “wet” all day. This fascinates me because it’s just an absorbent material, so idk what kind of dark magic they used to make it so dry, but I’m here for it.

I’d definitely use these again. I like them for a first or last day, I think – you know, where you aren’t sure exactly when you’ll start/stop bleeding but you know it’s gonna happen? Then I can forgo wasting tampons and still feel protected.


Period Type: I’m basically always late (which is fun..not) so my cycle changes. First and second day are the heaviest and quite painful but then it calms down on day 3 and 4. By day 5 it is almost done and on day 6 I’m back to normal.

Verdict: I used the tried the classic bikini (heavy absorbency) on the first day of flow. I have to say I wasn’t a fan. This could just be because the first/second day is always the heaviest for me. I was lucky enough to get her on the weekend, so I was able to test them out around the house and had to change to more traditional methods.

I was put off just because I felt so anxious/ self-conscious that I would have a stage 5 leak – literal red alert. I didn’t continue to wear them for day 1 or 2 but decided to give them another go towards the end of my period when she’s not as heavy.

I found this was a much better option. They don’t feel bulky at all and I felt way more comfortable when I knew it was a lighter flow. I had no leakages and just had to chuck them in the wash after use. Would be a great idea to get a few.


Period Type: I’ve got a medium period which lasts around 3-4 days – am not organised enough to know if it comes the same time every month, however I know it’s on its way when it feels like someone’s stabbed me in the abdomen.

Verdict: I tried the sensual high-waist bikini undies on day 2 of my period. Because I was wearing a tampon, I thought of them as a safety net in the same way I would a liner. It’s perfect for someone like me who’s constantly paranoid that my fly’s undone or that eyeliner’s somehow made it’s way to my forehead.

That being said I was still nervous of “leakage freakage”, but didn’t need to be, nothing leaked at all. I chose black undies so really don’t even know if anything came out (?) because I couldn’t see! But for anyone who reckons it’s better to be safe than sorry, I’d definitely recommend getting around these.


Period Type: Pretty standard, tbh.

Verdict: I used the seamfree full brief on the first ‘full’ day of my period and was pleasantly surprised. As somebody who is unable to wear tampons due to a sexual disorder—but has never really been sold on pads—the undies seemed a great option.

I didn’t necessarily feel as if I was on my period, as I do usually. In terms of how they are like to wear, they feel like a comfortable swimsuit, but warmer and more snug, if that makes sense. I’ll definitely be getting more. There’s something relieving about not needing to constantly be ripping and peeling a pad from a worn out pair of baggy undies, that’s for sure.


Period Type: I’m on the pill so it starts the same time each month. It usually lasts around 4-7 days and varies from light to quite heavy across those days.

Verdict: I’ve been obsessed with the idea of having boyleg period undies to wear to bed, basically because I hate actual pyjamas, so I tried the classic boyleg on the first proper night of my period.

Turns out my instincts were completely right. I get light to medium periods, which this style caters for, but I also get the odd day or two of, uh, torrential. Which I’m oddly proud to say these bad boys dealt with like a dream. No leaking, no squelchy feeling and they just looked like bike pants. It really did not feel at all like wearing a pad either, they really didn’t feel thick at all. That’s a thumbs up from me.


Period Type: Mine is very regular timing-wise, and it’ll start super heavy for first 3 days before evening out.

Verdict: I tried the sensual high-waist bikini on day two of my period, which was ambitious as this is typically my heaviest day. I wore them at home, after my nightly shower, as wasn’t brave enough to test them out of home.

The undies themselves were super comfy – way more than I was expecting, and didn’t feel like a pad or a nappy. The style was also great, completely matches my normal style – however I do prefer completely seam-free underwear, so I would’ve probably avoided wearing these out in public.

So as for performance – there were definitely no leaks, which I was kind’ve shook about – especially the next morning, over 10 hours after. I kept wigging and thinking it was leaking – but I think that was definitely my paranoia more than it feeling like that. The material didn’t seem to change or become smelly or heavy which tbh I don’t even understand but it’s great.

All in all, I am a fan and it’s a massive A+ that they are sustainable, which makes the extra effort and weird idea of your underwear carrying 2 x tampons worth of blood, all the worth it.


Period Type: I’ve got a medium flow, and my period comes at the same time every month. I’ll get like 4-5 days of bleeding, heaviest usually on day two (with grot cramps) and day three.

Verdict: The seamfree full brief I tried kinda felt like a nice hug for your butt – seriously that’s the best way I can explain it.  I wore mine in the days leading up to my bleed and then over the time of my actual period because I used a lunette cup and find that every now and again I either have an unexpected heavy flow or manage to have a bit of ~seepage~.

The knickers kinda felt like wearing like three pairs at once and as someone who swore off pads because I didn’t like the feeling of walking around with a skateboard between my thighs, these were comfy and felt weirdly reassuring. Maybe it evokes feelings of safety when I was a tiny baby and would be held with someone supporting my bum? Who knows.
Anyway, the knickers felt dry ALL the time, so I was never quite sure if I’d bled in them – I mean obviously I had but it sure didn’t seem like it.  Also, washing them was fine and I just had to remember to pop them in a delicates bag.
Honestly, I feel like I’d just wear them for a nap whenever I feel like I need a bit of extra comfort and butt support!
Image: Instagram / @modibodiaustralia