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If there’s one period-related product that’s generating plenty of hype recently, it’s period underwear. The concept is wild — undies you can comfortably wear worry-free during even the heaviest day of your period that’ll soak up the blood and not make you feel like you’re sitting in it.

If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re likely curious. They’re marketed as being an environmentally-friendly option instead of tampons or pads, and a comfy one at that. So we decided to ask around and see what period undies are on a monthly rotation in our wardrobes, so you can purchase a pair knowing full well they bloody work. (Sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

Cotton On x TOM Organic

cotton on body

Tom Organic X Body Shorty Period Undies was $25, now $17.50 (save $7.50)

“Firstly, I need to say that these Cotton On x TOM Organic undies are seriously bloody (sorry) cute! I tried three different types of these over a couple of days — the Boyleg (which is the heavy variety) with a tampon on a heavy flow day — I even went for a run, and these were really comfy and had no leakage issues. Definitely a visible panty line situation in my tights, but I suppose that’s unavoidable with period undies unless you do a g-string version. I also tried the Bikini during the day and the Shorty overnight with no tampon on the last day/night of my period, which is typically a medium/light flow, and I had zero leakage issues at all. I felt really confident going to bed with just the undies and no other protection. The undies feel comfy and secure without being too tight as well, something I’m really picky about with undies in general.” — Josie


bonds period undies

Bonds Bloody Comfy Period Undies, $28 

“I’m actually obsessed with period undies. They’ve been an absolute game-changer for me. I feel like my periods are shorter because I’m not plugging my body with a wad of cotton. They’re also super comfy, easy to wash and cheap enough that I have a pair for every day of my period. I also sized up for extra comfort because the girl in the store told me to, and she was bang on!” Bree 


thinx period undies

Thinx Thong, $33.76

“You wouldn’t think it would be overly effective because of lack of ~surface area~ but I usually have heavy periods, and these do the trick on the last days of my period. Also, I love that they aren’t a full brief and legit look like nice underwear. My partner even commented, saying they looked like nice lingerie — not realising they were period undies.” Tori


Modibodi Sensual Hi-Waist Bikini, $28.50

“I like not having to use any sanitary products, better for the environment (i think) and my wallet (definitely). I actually found I cramped less than when I was using tampons.” Elise

“I purchased a 7 x pack in December last year, got some light-moderate and some heavy-overnight. I really love them — I tried and failed with menstrual cups, so these have been an awesome alternative. The only thing is that I’m finding that the stitching is coming loose in some areas, and I was hoping they’d last a bit longer than that as they’re quite expensive. But then again, I suppose they get a decent amount of wear and tear, so maybe it’s expected. Not sure.” Zara

“I used the seamfree full brief on the first ‘full’ day of my period and was pleasantly surprised. The undies seemed a great option for somebody unable to wear tampons due to a sexual disorder — but has never really been sold on the pads option. I didn’t necessarily feel as if I was on my period, as I usually do. Regarding how they are like to wear, they feel like a comfortable swimsuit, but warmer and more snug, if that makes sense. I’ll definitely be getting more. Something is relieving about not needing to constantly be ripping and peeling a pad from a worn-out pair of baggy undies, that’s for sure.” — Madison

“I get light to medium periods, which their boyleg style caters for, but I also get the odd day or two of, uh, torrential. Which I’m oddly proud to say these bad boys deal with like a dream. No leaking, no squelchy feeling, and they look like bike pants. It really doesn’t feel at all like wearing a pad either; they really don’t feel thick at all. That’s a thumbs up from me.” — Kassia

Love Luna

love luna

Love Luna Full Period Brief, $15

“I always wanted to try period undies but, at the time, could only find them online and kept forgetting to order them. Then I found these at woollies, and they’re so comfy, so affordable, and you can grab a pair while you pick up your period comfort food at the same time.” — Evie

“It’s not recommended, but sometimes I wear the Love Luna undies to the beach (on the last couple of days of my period), and they blend in super well as togs. BEWARE THO: if you plan on going swimming, wear them with caution bc water DOES get stuck in there, and you have to do a weird little dance while you’re immersed underwater to get it out without anyone noticing.” — Kairavi

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Image: Instagram / @cottonon