Here’s How To Make Your Period Undies Last Bc They Really Are The Menstruation MVP

When period undies were released a few years ago, I was sceptical. Wouldn’t it mean you’d be sitting in blood all day? Would they be able to hold the blood of someone with heavy periods? Would they… smell? 

After hearing a few positive stories, I decided to give them a try. Clearly, the rest is history because now period pants are a part of my regular menstrual routine. 

But, I’m just gonna say it, sometimes I wonder if I’m looking after them properly. 

Of course, I read the instructions and make sure to wash them after every use but is it as easy as that? 

I got in touch with Bonds who has created a range of Bloody Comfy Period Undies (geddit?) to help answer a bunch of period undie FAQs.

Firstly, how do period undies work?

If, like me, you were suspicious of how “normal” period undies look, you’d be right. They’re literally normal undies, but designed with innovative layered technology in the gusset that’s super absorbent and leak resistant. The layers of textiles work to wick away moisture and help to control odour.

Simply pop them on and bleed freely while living your life. 

Will I bleed through them? 

As mentioned earlier, I suffer from particularly heavy periods and can say with confidence that I’ve never bled through period undies. Even when it ~feels~ like I have, when I go to check, my jeans are blood-free. I’m shocked almost every time, despite years of relying on them. 

Some people choose to pair their period undies with a pad or tampon to help them feel more secure. And you know what? That is fiiiine because people who shame how others deal with their periods can get in the bloody bin. 

Bonds recommends trying the period undies at home the first time you wear them just so you have peace of mind and learn what absorbency level works for you.

How long should I wear them for? 

The clever thing about most period undies is that they’re made for different flows. Bonds Bloody Comfy range includes Ultra Light, Light, Moderate and Heavy absorbency levels. They also stock size 6 to 20. A fresh pair is always best for overnight protection, plus it’s nice to feel comfy and clean when bleeding. 

How do I wash them? 

Another positive of period undies is that they’re reusable! We love making a difference to the planet. 

Once you’re getting ready for bed, give them a rinse under a tap or shower (and wring them out), then chuck them in the washing machine. Once the load is complete, line-dry them. I always hang them with the gusset facing outwards so the absorbent layers get dry quicker.

Where should I store them? 

Because they’re so similar to our regular knickers, as long as they’re clean and dry you can pop them in your undie drawer, ready for your next bleed. Easy as. 

Periods are so personal and there are so many unique ways to go about them. At the end of the day, you don’t want your bleed to interfere with your life, so popping on a pair of period undies is a great way to not have to think about changing during the day.

Everyone has different period experiences but the most important thing is that you feel bloody comfy, all cycle long.