WWDC: Apple Announce They’re Installing A Period Tracker On Your iPhone

Apple are responsible for a lot of nice developments in our lives. 
Firstly, we don’t have to carry CD’s and Discman’s anymore – they revolutionised music with the ‘1000 songs in your pocket’ advertising with the first iPod.
Secondly, they decided to give us magical little machines that allow us to have the whole Internet at our fingertips at every second of the day and night. Which is fantastic, and slightly soul-destroying, but fantastic
Thirdly, they made Drake wear the dopest/most adorable bomber jacket (complete with a vintage rainbow Apple logo on the pocket) when he cameo’d at the Worldwide Developer Conference last night. 
And now, they’re finally going to help the people who are really bad at tracking their menses. It seems simple, but sometimes it’s less than calendar-friendly for some people. And it knows when you are wearing white underwear. And have no chocolate in the house. 
The menstruation tracker will be installed via an iOS update as usual, and will appear in the Health app. While details of this menses-detector are not yet available, it looks from the below photo like a bar graph that tracks your cycle. Please note the word ‘Light’ in the top of corner of the blue ‘Menstruation’ box: can… can this app tell how light or heavy your flow is? If so, I’ll need to speak to Tim Cook immediately, please. 

But regardless, this is pretty fan-fucking-tastic news for menstruation-getters worldwide. I’m sick of guessing when that sneaky fucker is coming to ruin my life and my underwear. 

via Twitter