Some Genius Invented Period Pilates So You Can Work Out When You’re Surfing The Crimson Wave

Period Pilates

As anyone who has their period knows, it’s a week you usually dread even if you’ve been getting the damn thing for decades. That heavy feeling, the bloat, the cramps and oh, the litres of blood pouring out of you. Just a fun time for everyone. What’s annoying is that it can really fuck with your usual routine, because all you want to do is eat fast food and not exercise, which if you’re anything like me just makes you feel even worse mentally about the whole cursed situation. That’s where period Pilates comes in.

The brainchild of Tori Clapham, founder of Sydney-based Peaches Pilates, the week-long period Pilates workout plan (dubbed Flo Week) is a gentle programme tailored to each day of your cycle. Though the studios are based in Sydney, the Flo Week workouts are available online so you can access period Pilates wherever you happen to be menstruating around the world.

If you’re thinking that you absolutely cannot be arsed doing Pilates when you’ve got your period, it’s worth keeping in mind that the programme is very gentle. Clapham tells PEDESTRIAN.TV:

Day one of your period can often be uncomfortable – whether you’re someone who experiences mild cramping, or you need to be in the foetal position with a hot water bottle – we see you. So our day one class is more of a selection of feel good moves and stretches, rather than workout. Our hope is that it helps to free your mind and your body, with gentle movement to give you some TLC.

As the week goes on, the period Pilates workouts ramp up slightly.

Day two of Flo Week features a restorative Yin class, designed for day 2 of your cycle when you’re in need of some extra love and perhaps pain relief… As we get closer to the end of your period, we start to turn up the heat to get you feeling invigorated.These workouts are more intensive and are longer sessions designed to give you some much needed endorphins.
Peaches also offers period workshops including Eating for your Cycle, Managing Pain, and Living in Sync with Your Cycle. It’s all about normalising talk about periods and learning how to deal with them, rather than just keeping quiet because it’s an awkward or “taboo” topic. You can find more about period Pilates at the Peaches website HERE.