Sure, you might love The Simpsons. A lot of us do, for that matter. But t’ain’t no way you love ’em quite this much, no sir.

The city of Springfield is known throughout the lands for its feats of culinary excellence, and one hungry, hungry brave person has apparently decided to put it all to the test by subjecting his friends to it.

Tristin Hopper, a Canadian journo with the National Post, hosted a dinner party in which the only foodstuffs on offer were ones plucked straight from the Simpsons recipe book.

Hell no, we’re not talking pork chops, or Krusty Burgers, or even the patented space age out-of-this-world moon waffle. Binging with Babish already knocked that last one together, and as much as it would be an incredible journey, the logistics alone dictate that it’s really more of an on-your-own dish.

Hell no, we’re talking about the real four finger food of The Simpsons. Stuff you can serve to a bunch of friends. Stuff like Flanders-Style Nachos (cucumbers with cottage cheese) or 64 Slices of American Cheese or even Watered-Down Orange Drink or a Bag of Irregular Oreos.

Cop a load of that business right there. Most of those look fairly straightforward to put together and all, but that Giant Rice Krispie Square is a work of art.

Now then, all this bountiful spread needs is some Tang. I figure if anyone knows where to get some Tang, it’d be this guy.